About us

Product Specialties Inc. is a niche product development and manufacturing company committed to designing and improving highly innovative small home appliance and specialty items. In a market place dominated by multi-national corporations, we have achieved a competitive edge by focusing on the emerging market for both innovative new devices and improved versions of existing devices. Our core competence lies in our ability to improve the function of small appliance and specialty products by applying new, innovative engineering approaches. We hold both Utility & Design patents in the USA and Canada for many of our new technologies (Utility Patents) and designs (Design Patents). Some of our newer products are still in the patent application process at this time.

Incorporated in 1981, we initially developed products exclusively for a Japanese multi-national, such as cordless kitchen appliances, portable air conditioners, induction cookers, and commercial microwave ovens. In 1997 we formed an alliance with a company in Hong Kong to increase our customer base as well as gain access to new markets. Our focus switched to non-electric House wares, thermoelectric appliances, small appliances and office machines, and technologically advanced and innovative gadgets.

We develop and engineer our product line at our headquarters in Whitby, Ontario, where we also manage distribution of our products to Canadian, USA, and international markets including Asia. We manufacture our products in China, which enables us to maintain competitive pricing structures.